moroccan bathrooms

lets start with the basics:
1. running water is not always available. each town (in the old part, because the modern part of town in pretty modern) has running water available to the public and people take buckets and bottles to fill up there.

2. when running water is available, do not expect it to be hot. we had hot water at 2 of our hotels. one of those hotels was a 4 star hotel (we felt like kings! i jumped on the bed! we washed our clothes in the tub! we had air conditioning! and heating!) and the other hotel only had hot water in the morning, meaning before 11 a.m. So i got to shower with hot water but jose didnt.
The other shower problem was that none of our hotels, except the fancy one, provided towels. We ended up buying one to share and we had to leave it behind because it didnt smell very nice after using it twice a day, rolling it up and sticking it in the backpack until nighttime at the next hotel.

3. since running water is not that popular, sometimes toilets are not toilets. they are holes in the ground with little plastic grooves demonstrating where you should place your feet. sometimes these 'bathrooms' are clean, sometimes they are not. again, because of the water issue, there is no sink. instead, there is a plastic bucket with a ladel inside. because people dont use toilet paper, you wipe with your left hand and then ladel water onto your hand to rinse off.

4. NO, i didnt wipe with my left hand. whenever it was possible jose and i would steal loads of toilet paper. there is only one toilet paper company in morocco and their toilet paper is crappy and pink. its one-ply and its not rolled very tightly onto the carboard roll. i'm not sure why its pink.

5. every time we went into a new building we would always check out the bathrooms. is it poop-able: is it a hole or a toilet? does it smell bad? is there toilet paper? is there a sink or a bucket? is there soap? at one rest stop we went to, instead of having soap, they provided laundry detergent. and i must say, it worked just fine. Our first day in Morocco we ended up buying a bottle of shampoo that we carried around with us to wash our hands.

6. most bathrooms are unisex.

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