mama, i'm coming home

tonight we had a group supper at a chinese restaurant and i think it made me sick.

i just talked to vivian about when i get into bcn. i leave pamplona at 8 am !! and get to bcn around 2, i think. she has been really busy and i might have to take a train from the bus station to her house. normally i am fine with that, i even suggest it sometimes instead of having her come pick me up, but this time i dont know if i'll be able to go down the escalator with all my bags. its going to be difficult.

anyway, i leave bcn on thursday morning and get to cedar rapids thursday around 11 pm, 7 am spain time. almost a 24 hour trip. i hope there are no delays for dad's sake because he has to pick me up at the airport and drive me home.

yesterday i got my photos back from morocco. they're pretty good but a lot of them are blurry because i had to take the photos in a hurry so i couldn't always focus the photo well enough in time. this was for one of two reasons. 1.) people glared at me while i was taking photos. i never noticed this but it made jose nervous and he would nag me to hurry up and 2.) a lot of times i would be getting ready to take a photo and a donkey would come plowing down the street. since the streets are about as wide as a bathtub i would have to hurry up so i could smash myself against a wall so the donkey wouldnt run me over. i got hit but a donkey (or the load it was carrying) at least twice.

speaking of donkeys, i forgot to mention that one day we saw a site where you could go to rent a donkey if you needed to move something from one part of town to another.

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me gusta tu blog el slutto.

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