i finally went to barcelona. josé and i went for the weekend while bea went north to santander.
i got to spend the weekend with the aznars and josé got to see his aunt.
jose luis bought me a really good cake that we ate on saturday and then i took a long siesta in the afternoon and watched TV with Xènia.
grisel·la and i and a friend of ours, dolores, met up with josé on the train to barcelona to go out for the night. the original plan was to eat something and go to a bar and take the night bus back home around 3 or 4. we went to a bar and around 3 i realized we should get going soon, but decided we should wait until the bar kicked us out. all of a sudden the light were off and it was 3. i turned around and the gate was across the door but the music was still going and no one seemed to be leaving. legally, bars have to close at 3. this place just seemed to close. people who are in the know kept on coming in even though the door was closed and the lights were off. around 5 we left to go to a disco and got home around 7:30 a.m. needless to say, we didnt do much of anything on sunday.

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