tuna, anyone?

Last night I went to a tuna party. The tunas are a university tradition in spain. in the 15 and 1600s (i think) they were a group of university students (all guys) who couldn't pay for their tuition and so they went around singing and playing for money. Now each school has one and they have fame for being don juans.
So, only girls were invited to the party and we all sat around chatting (i actually met a few spanish girls) until we realised the tunas were outside the apartment building serenading us. There were 13 of them all dressed in traditional costume, most with acoustic guitars or tambourines and two accordians. We were on the top floor of the building and we could see all the neighbors sticking their heads out of windows on floors below us.
So we let them in and they sang all night until the neighbors complained about the noise around 1.30 or 2 a.m. These particular tunas didn't quite live up their reputation of being funny or suave. Two of the three boys who tried to talk to me were pretty stupid and i just made fun of them until they left me alone.
At least i got some funny fotos.

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