more mullet talk

I finally got my hair cut. All the salons that I have seen here are fairly expensive and since I usually go to Great Clips or some other cheap-o hair place at home there is no way I was going to spend over $15 on a haircut here. If it came down to it, I was going to let Jose cut my hair.

So, a friend of mine told me about a hair school where the students cut your hair fairly cheap. We made an appointment (Jose had to go also) for 5 pm and found the direction on the map. We left the house around 4.45 and went to the nearest bus stop where we waited 10 minutes for the bus. We got off at the first stop and had no idea where we were. We walked almost the whole way back to the bus stop (the salon was 2 blocks from the bus stop) and got to the appointment at 5.30. They didnt really seem to care that we were half an hour late.

The place was really loud and they sent us to the basement where it was even louder and really hot. They put Harry Potter robes on us and sent us to wash our hair. Jose's girl had a clear cut mullet with haphazard patches of orange and white hair. The people were really scary. Jose says they looked like post-apocolyptic road warriors with tri colored mullets.

All i wanted was a trim. And i said that. Same with jose. they wanted to give us both mullets.
Because its a school, it took us 2 hours to get our hair 'trimmed'. As soon as Tina cut the back of my hair she had to go find Don Rodrigo and consult with him on whether or not she did ok and if she could advance to the left side of my head. And on and on it went. Every time Don Rodrigo came over so would 5 or 6 other students to stand around at look at me in my Harry Potter robe with my wet hair pinned up at funny angles. It was very uncomfortable. When Don Rodrigo would say something they would all lean in and scrutinize the back of my head or how the hair grazed the tops of my ears. ooooh, they would say in unison. They would all agree on what should be done next but the second Don Rodrigo went away, Tina was left with a handful of my hair and a very confused look on her face that scared the bejesus out of me.

jose left with a quasi-mullet and i left with super short hair and 'long' bangs. the inverse-mullet.
and, Tina, my hairdresser thought i was portugese. but she wasnt at all disappointed when she found out i am american.
oh i know new york!, she said.
Me too, we're best friends, i said.

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Mom -

I am anxsious to see un foto with the new 'look'. Jose's hair was bastante short already - can't quite picture his mullet. Do you like the cut? I hope so. When you return, we will get you a 'real' cut. Done by pros, not students. I promise.

gaelle -

hello betsy !!
acabo de leer la historia de tu pelo corto porque no tenias el tiempo de explicarmelo en comunicacion internacional... Tienes de darme la direccion, aun si lo que has escrito me ha dado un poco de miedo !!
besos, me gusta mucho tu blog, aun si no entiendo todo con mi poor english...