who loves the sun? me! me!

for some reason it took me until today to realize that the grass has been green the whole time i have been in pamplona. and i mean really green. and the sun was almost shining and it was warmish. and i realized that in the middle of january it almost felt like spring and just then someone rode past me on their bike wearing a short sleeve shirt. and that made me really happy.
happy enough to want to jump on the bed or smack my gum really loud or bite my lip. because in iowa and missouri right now everything is probably various shades of grey and covered in dirt. maybe there's even snow on the ground. but i am sure that flowers are not blooming over there like they are here.

and then i wondered, if we can't have green grass and warm temperatures in january, ¿why can't we at least sidewalks with cool designs in the states?

and then it rained.

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jackie -

Betsy--can't read spanish so hope I have done this right. I was looking at the calendar and the 15th is this Thur. Will you be in W'loo on Thur or just leaving Spain? I read some of your travels and you have had quite and exciting experience and lots to tell when you get home. Anxious to see you and hear all your stories. Yes we do have snow-it just snowed so it is still white--hurry before it gets all black!!! Love, Jackie
p.s. weeeeeeBetsy is coming home!!!!!

la niña de la capucha -

I was reading your entry and then that last "and then it rained" made me giggle