supposedly this photo was taken somewhere between pamplona and barcelona.
Photo by ?

ah, the beauty of lomo cameras. i only have one, but i want just about every single one that they sell. especially the crazy ones. mine, the ActionSampler has four lenses that operate at different speeds.

i get so excited whenever the lomo team sends me a promotional email about some new camera they've come out with and i end up browsing their website for an hour while trying not to pull out my credit card to buy another camera. i already have five. but cameras are like shoes, you can never have too many. they all serve different occasions.


i am looking into a magazine internship in southern spain and along with my resume, they want me to send a photo. why? what if i look too american? maybe i'm too pale to be believable in the south. if i used to scare people in barcelona with my white skin, imagine the reaction in the south!

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