happy day of the constitution!!!

Well this week we had a super long weekend (wednesday was day of Navarra, Saturday was day of the constitution - 25 years - and monday was i dont know what) and we had so many plans but we ended up just staying here and going out for chinese and a movie. but, it was worth it because the movie was SO good. Love, actually. i really didnt want to see it, i thought it would be some sucky hollywood romantic comedy but actually i loved it. we went in a huge group and when we left the theatre just about everyone either was or had been crying, that includes the boys. and, you have to take into account that the great majority of these people have a hard time understanding spanish and the movie was good enough to move them to tears.

i think on wednesday (movies are cheaper on wed.) we're going to see Searching for Nemo.

friday night we went to a really big party and that just threw my sleeping schedule off for the rest of the weekend. i've been going to sleep around 4 or 5 a.m. and waking up at 2 pm everyday and eating dinner around 3 a.m.
supposedly i was going to use all this time off wisely and study for an upcoming test (my first one!!!) and start reporting for a story i wanted to write. alas, i haven't done anything productive.

yesterday we went to pizza hut for dinner. turns out if you order a pizza and you take it away yourself, instead of delivery, THEY GIVE YOU A FREE PIZZA! and right now they have an offer if you spend 17 euros they give you a shower radio! we only spent 16 though, so we'll have to go back to get our pizza hut radio. i love buying things in spain, you always get gifts.

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